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Estimating global impacts to agriculture from climate change accounting for adaptation

Hultgren, A., T. Carleton, M. Delgado, D. Gergel, M. Greenstone, T. Houser, S. Hsiang, A. Jina, R.E. Kopp, K.E. McCusker, T. Mayer, I. Nath, J. Rising. A. Rode, J. Yuan (revise & resubmit, Nature)

The climate adaptation feedback

Abajian, A.* T. Carleton*, K. Meng*, O. Deschenes (revise & resubmit, Nature Communications)

(*indicates equal contribution)

Is workplace temperature a valuable job amenity? Implications for climate change

RodeA., R. Baker, T. Carleton, A. D'Agostino, M. Delgado, T. Foreman, D. Gergel, M. Greenstone, T. Houser, S. Hsiang, A. Hultgren, A. Jina, R.E. Kopp, S.B. Malevich, K.E. McCusker, I. Nath, M. Pecenco, J. Rising, J. Yuan (under review)

Parameter recovery with remotely sensed variables

Proctor*, J.,  T. Carleton*, and S. Sum* (under review) 

(*indicates equal contribution; author order randomized)

Agriculture, trade, and the spatial efficiency of global water use

Carleton, T., L. Crews, and I. Nath (in prep.)

The historical fingerprint and future impact of climate change on childhood malaria in Africa

Carlson*, C.. T. Carleton*, R. Odoulami, and C. Trisos (in prep.)

(*indicates equal contribution)


Is the world running out of fresh water?

Carleton, T., L. Crews, and I. Nath, AEA Papers & Proceedings (2024)

Field scale crop water consumption estimates reveal potential water savings in California agriculture

Boser, A.,  K. Caylor, A. Larsen, M. Pascolini-Campbell, J.T. Reager, and T. Carleton, Nature Communications (2024) 

Selected coverage: Newsweek, CalMatters,

Estimating the role of air quality improvements in the decline of suicide rates in China

Zhang*, P.,  T. Carleton*, L. Linand M. Zhou, Nature Sustainability (2024) [pdf]

(*indicates equal contribution)

Selected coverage: Science News, Psychreg, ScienceAlert

Updating the United States Government's Social Cost of Carbon 

Carleton, T. and M. Greenstone, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (2022)

Selected coverage: National GeographicScience, WiredPoliticoWashington Post, ClimateWire

Valuing the global mortality consequences of climate change accounting for adaptation costs and benefits 

Carleton, T., A.S. Jina, M. Delgado, M. Greenstone, T. Houser, S.M. Hsiang, A. Hultgren, R.E. Kopp,

K. McCusker, I. Nath, and J. Rising, Quarterly Journal of Economics (2022)

Selected coverage: The Guardian, Nature Climate Change

Estimating a social cost of carbon for global energy consumption

Rode, A., T. Carleton, M. Delgado, M. Greenstone, T. Houser, S. Hsiang, A. Hultgren, A. Jina, R. Kopp, K. McCusker, and I. Nath, Nature (2021)

Selected coverage: Bloomberg, Gizmodo

A generalizable and accessible approach to machine learning with global satellite imagery

Rolf*, E.,  J. Proctor*, T. Carleton*, I. Bolliger*, V. Shankhar*, M. Ishihara, B. Recht, and S.M. Hsiang, 

Nature Communications (2021) 

(* indicates equal contribution)

Selected coverage: LifeWireBerkeley News, Science Daily

Global evidence for ultraviolet radiation decreasing COVID-19 growth rates

Carleton, T., J. Cornetet, P. Huybers, K. Meng, and J. Proctor, PNAS (2021)

Supplementary Information

Dec 15, 2020 

Selected coverage: The AtlanticBlog post: emLab.

Regional crop diversity and weather shocks in India

Auffhammer, M. and T. CarletonAsian Development Review (2018)

Conflict in a changing climate

Carleton, T., S.M. Hsiang, and M. Burke, European Physical Journal Special Topics (2016).

Blog post

Ground control to Major Tom: The importance of field surveys in remotely sensed data analysis

Bolliger, I., T. Carleton, S.M Hsiang, J. Kadish, J. Proctor, B. Recht, E. Rolf, and V. Shankar Conference Proceedings, Data for Good Exchange (2017)

Oct 25, 2017

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